Costs of surrogacy

Commercial surrogacy arrangements are illegal in Queensland—we suggest you speak to your legal representative for help.

If you are an intended parent, you may pay the birth mother for reasonable costs that she has as your surrogate.

You need to agree on what you will pay the mother for, and who will pay the legal and other costs of surrogacy, when you enter into a surrogacy arrangement.

Reasonable surrogacy costs

According to the Surrogacy Act 2010, the birth mother’s reasonable surrogacy costs may include costs associated with:

  • her becoming or trying to become pregnant
  • her pregnancy and birth of your child
  • her or her spouse (if any) being a party to the surrogacy arrangement
  • court proceedings relating to the parentage order.

This may include:

  • medical costs for the birth mother
  • costs, including medical, for your child
  • certain health, disability or life insurance premiums
  • certain counselling and counsellor’s report costs
  • legal costs
  • the birth mother’s loss of earnings, in certain circumstances
  • other reasonable costs associated with the surrogacy arrangement or the parentage order.

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