After your registration

You will be contacted by a department about a graduate program position:

  • once their registrations of interest period has ended
  • and
  • if you are successful in progressing to the next stage of their recruitment process.

A government department may contact you about graduate entry-level roles and student opportunities at any time of year.

When you hear back

Recruiters review the pool of applicants when:

  • the graduate program recruitment period closes
  • or
  • a graduate entry-level role or student opportunity arises.

If you are eligible for a position, you will be invited to submit an application. Only people who have registered their interest will be invited to apply.

The application process may include:

  • online testing
  • written application
  • phone or video interview
  • visiting an assessment centre
  • face-to-face interviews
  • referee checks.

If your qualification is relevant to a number of opportunities, you may be contacted by more than one department.

If you're unsuccessful

If you are invited to apply for a graduate or student program but are unsuccessful, the department will contact you by email. You may be considered for other roles if your registration remains in the Graduate Portal.

Re-register in the system next year to continue to be considered for graduate opportunities.


If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a position, you can request feedback on your application. Ask to talk directly with the department's hiring manager or graduate coordinator when requesting feedback.