Hear from previous graduates

Hear what our current graduates have to say about working in the Queensland Government.

  • Duration: 3.14
  • Date: 3/05/2016

Beth: My name is Beth Philipson. I studied a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science and I'm now working in the Department of the Premier and Cabinet as a Policy Support Officer.

Brodie: I'm Brodie Saw and I'm a financial auditor within the education sector at QAO. I studied a Bachelor of Business minoring in taxation at university.

Dwayne: My name's Dwayne Montiero. I studied economics and journalism while I was at university. I'm currently a Treasury Analyst with the fiscal division in Queensland Treasury.

Jennifer: My name is Jennifer Roberts and I studied International Relations. I'm a project manager for Queensland Treasury.

Naureen: Hello, my name is Naureen Chowdhury and I work at the Queensland Audit Office as a financial auditor.

Ashton: Hi there, my name's Ashton and I'm a natural resource officer and this is my office.

Brodie: I work on a number of financial audits including a report on the 2015 education sector within Queensland which will be presented to Parliament later this year.

Dwayne: The main reason why I applied for a graduate role in the Queensland Government, is that I had previous experience working with the Department of Housing and I really enjoyed my time there and I just want to keep expanding my experiences in the public sector—I really think it's great!

Jennifer: I found the application process for Queensland Treasury's grad program to be very smooth and that our advisers kept in good contact with us.

Naureen: A few of the benefits of the graduate program at Queensland Audit Office is the support that you get from your graduate coordinators and facilitators—they are there for you every step of the way.

Beth: The best part of my job is the great people that I get to work with and also having really challenging and interesting work on a day-to-day basis.

Ashton: The best part about my job are the people that I work with—they're pretty much my second family!

Brodie: There's no typical day at QAO—with having a number of audits throughout the year—you could find yourself at head office, a number of client sites or even far north Queensland from one week to the next.

Beth: Firstly definitely apply and secondly research each stage before you do it and thirdly make sure you practice your interviewing with a friend.

Naureen: Have a think about your strengths and any transferrable skills that you may have picked up through university, social life, social work or any part-time jobs or professional jobs that you may done during university.

Ashton: The greater graduate program has been one of the best experiences I've ever had. Just put in your application and do it!