Repairs to your house

If something in your house needs fixing call the Maintenance Call Centre on 1300 738 616 (during office hours 8.30am to 4.30pm).

For emergency maintenance after hours (6pm to 6am Monday – Friday), weekends, and public holidays call 1800 808 107.  

What is fair wear and tear?

It is normal that over time things in your house will break because they are old or worn out. This is called 'fair wear and tear'. We will not charge you for the costs of these repairs.  

Examples of fair wear and tear:

  • Leaking taps
  • Hot Water system leaking 
  • Gas leaks

What is unfair wear and tear?

If you, someone who lives with you, or your visitors cause damage to the house, this is called 'unfair wear and tear'. We will fix the damage, but you will be charged for costs of the repairs.

No one is allowed to damage the house on purpose. If your house is damaged on purpose, we will charge you for the repairs and will also give you a breach notice.

Examples of Unfair Wear and Tear:

  • Someone punching or kicking a hole in the wall 
  • Children playing and accidentally break a window

Important: If the damage is accidental we will still charge you for the repairs but will not issue you with a breach notice.

What is a breach notice?

A breach notice is given when the rules that are listed in the Tenancy Agreement are broken. You are responsible for keeping the house in good condition. 

If your house is damaged on purpose and you receive a breach notice, you will have 10 days to fix the damages yourself or contact the Maintenance Call Centre to report the damages. 

More information

If you would like more information about repairs to your house please talk to Housing staff.