About SmartMaps

SmartMaps display current information on Queensland property boundaries, valuations and sales data, and survey information.

Types of SmartMaps

These types of maps​ are available covering anywhere in Queensland:

  • property sales
  • property unit sales
  • cadastral
  • valuations
  • surveying.

Features of SmartMaps

  • Visually display information and data about land and property in a simple map format.
  • Depict sale price, date of sale in relation to other properties within the same locality.
  • Indicate land and property parcels according to year of sale.
  • Highlight features in the map, such as all blocks greater than a certain size.
  • Provide information about property boundaries and survey marks.
  • The maps are created in real time, giving you access to the latest data available.

Note: Bearings and distances are not displayed on SmartMaps.

Customised SmartMaps

If standard SmartMaps do not meet your needs, we can create customised SmartMaps. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Maps can be customised to include the following:

  • historical plans
  • survey search (radial)
  • place names
  • search survey marks (PSMs)
  • locality
  • custom shading.

Contact us

For more information or assistance ordering SmartMaps, call 13 QGOV (13 74 68) or your nearest business centre.

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