Forms for manufactured home owners living in residential parks

Manufactured home owners must use these forms to comply with the Manufactured Homes (Residential Parks) Act 2003 and its associated Regulation.

If you manage a residential park, find forms for residential park managers.

General forms

Form 6 – Notice to remedy breach (PDF, 151KB)Home owners and park managers use this form to notify the other party that they have broken the site agreement and ask that the problem be fixed.

Form 11 – Dispute negotiation notice (PDF, 170KB)Homeowners and park managers use this form to start the dispute negotiation process with another party.

Application for review of decision (PDF, 208KB)Fair Trading Inspectors Act 2014 (section 74).

Sale and transfer forms

Form 1C – Precontractual disclosure waiver (PDF, 135KB)Use this document to notify a park owner that you wish to waive your right of the full disclosure period for entering the site agreement.

Form 2 – Site agreement (PDF, 283KB)Home owners and park managers use this form to make a site agreement.

Form 9 – Selling authority (PDF, 143KB)Use this form to appoint a park owner to sell your home in a residential park.

Termination notices

Form 3A – Termination for site agreement by home owner in cooling-off period (PDF, 106KB)Use this form to terminate a site agreement during the cooling-off period.

Form 3B – Termination notice of assignment agreement in cooling-off period (PDF, 159KB)Use this form to terminate an assignment agreement during the cooling-off period.

Form 4 – Termination notice - by mutual agreement (PDF, 182KB)Use this form when there is mutual agreement to end the site agreement.

Form 5 – Termination notice - by home owner (PDF, 153KB)Use this form to cancel your site agreement.