Feed-in tariffs for regional Queensland

If you live outside South East Queensland, you may be able to access these tariffs:

  • regional (flat rate) feed-in tariff (the default rate) (Ergon Energy customers and Origin Energy customers)
  • time-varying feed-in tariff (Ergon Energy customers only).

Regional (flat rate) feed-in tariff


To find out if you’re eligible, contact your electricity distributor:

To be eligible, you have to:

  • operate a solar system with a maximum inverter capacity not exceeding 30 kilowatts
  • consume less than 100 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity a year (the average home uses approximately 6.1MWh a year)
  • be a retail customer of either Ergon Energy or Origin Energy (if you’re connected to the Essential Energy network)
  • be connected to the electricity grid
  • have a network connection agreement with an electricity distributor signalling their approval to connect the system to the electricity grid
  • have only one solar power system receiving the feed-in tariff per premise
  • not be receiving any other tariff (i.e. the 44 cent/kWh feed-in tariff).


The Queensland Competition Authority sets this rate each year.

  • For the 2019–2020 year, the regional feed-in tariff is 7.842 cents per kilowatt hour.

Time-varying feed-in tariff


The time-varying feed-in tariff is only available to retail customers of Ergon Energy. Contact Ergon Energy for help getting the right metering arrangements if you are interested in this tariff.

If you choose this tariff you will be paid a different rate depending on the time of day you export electricity to the grid. If you export electricity during peak period (i.e. when energy demand is high) you will be paid more than if you export at other times of the day. Contact Ergon Energy for information on the rates offered.

How to choose

This tariff is not for everyone. To benefit from the time-varying feed-in tariff, you will need to export the majority of your excess solar power during the peak period. You should consider if you will be better off with the flat rate feed-in tariff or with the time-varying feed-in tariff.

If something goes wrong

Find out your rights and who to call for help if something goes wrong with your solar power.