Using your personal protective equipment after a fire

People returning to properties affected by fire should wear protective equipment. This equipment should include masks, disposable coveralls, sturdy foot-ware and sturdy gloves.

Returning home safely after a fire details the health and safety considerations that you should know before re-entering your property. A garbage bag to dispose of used protective equipment should also be taken.

As the protective equipment is disposable and should not be re-used, several sets may be required for each person, depending on the time spent at the property.

Masks, coveralls and gloves should be removed and thrown away:

  • whenever you break from work
  • when you leave your property
  • before entering vehicles.

Wearing sturdy footwear that can be easily cleaned or washed down when leaving your property is recommended.

How to use the protective equipment

How to put on and fit check a P2 or N95 mask

Follow these instructions for guidance on fitting the mask.

Instructions for fitting a P2 or N95 mask

The mask will not provide the intended level of protection unless worn correctly. Be aware that beards and moustaches prevent men from getting a good air tight seal with masks.

The brand of P2 or N95 masks may vary slightly, so always follow the manufacturer's instructions and warnings.

Coveralls should be worn over your clothing.

To remove and dispose of the protective equipment

  • disposable coveralls should be peeled off inside out and placed in the bag
  • gloves should be removed and placed in the bag
  • thoroughly wash down footwear if not being thrown away
  • remove the face mask last, placing it in the bag
  • seal the bag tightly by tying a knot
  • dispose of the bag at any refuse collection point.

Further information

Call 13 HEALTH (13 43 25 84) at any time.

Contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68) for your nearest Public Health Unit.

Your doctor

If you or anyone in your household is experiencing any health effects from the smoky conditions seek medical advice from your doctor.