Designated landscape areas

Search the Cultural Heritage Online Portal to identify a specific designated landscape area (DLA).

Under the repealed Cultural Record (Landscapes Queensland and Queensland Estate) Act 1987, an area was declared a ‘designated landscape area’ (DLA) if it was deemed necessary or desirable for it to be preserved or to regulate access.

DLAs are recorded on the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural heritage register in accordance with section 162 of the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and the Torres Strait Islander Cultural Heritage Act 2003.

The DLAs are:

  • DLA001 - Stanbroke Pastoral Development Holding DLA
  • DLA002 - Gresley Pastoral Holding - Crocodile Station DLA
  • DLA003 - The Palace DLA
  • DLA004 - The Granites DLA
  • DLA005 - Morven DLA
  • DLA006 - Wallaroo DLA
  • DLA007 - Toorbul Point Bora Ring DLA
  • DLA008 - Gatton Rock Art Site DLA
  • DLA009 - Meringandan Arrangement DLA.