Age Pension and finances

The Age Pension provides eligible Australian seniors with income support payments and access to a range of concessions during their retirement.

Age Pension


You must meet age and residence requirements to be eligible for the Age Pension.

If you are eligible, the amount paid to you will depend on your circumstances, including your income and the assets you own.

Use the income test to work out the amount of your pension.

Read about assessable assets in relation to the Age Pension, and see the asset test limits. This will help you to work out how your pension may be affected by any assessable assets you may own.

Applying (making a claim)

Once you have checked your eligibility, you will then need to register an intent to claim the Age Pension.

An intent to claim lets Human Services (Centrelink) know that you, or someone you know, will be seeking the Age Pension—before the claim is submitted. It helps ensure you can be paid from the earliest possible date.

Once your intent to claim is registered, you will need to:

  • complete your forms and supporting documentation
  • submit your claim—either online or in person.

Human Services (Centrelink) will assess your claim and let you know the outcome.

Other financial discounts and benefits

Once you reach retirement age you may need to plan and manage your finances a little differently.

Read tips and advice about managing your money.

Be aware of your superannuation arrangements.

Find out if you’re eligible for a Seniors Card or a business discount card.

If you’re working past the Age Pension age make sure you are aware of the benefits and services available to you.

More information

Read more about the Age Pension. If you still have questions you can:

  • phone Human Services (Centrelink) on 13 23 00, or 13 12 02 (for languages other than English)
  • visit a Centrelink Service Centre.