Spring monitoring in the Great Artesian Basin

The Great Artesian Basin (GAB) is the one of the largest groundwater basin complexes in the world, providing groundwater flows to thousands of natural springs in Queensland. These springs are of great cultural and ecological importance, supporting a range of rare and endangered plants and animals.

Since 1900, the number of GAB springs has fallen owing to a range of factors, including the increased number of bores being drilled into the GAB, weather, land use and damage by feral and pest animals.

The Queensland Herbarium has undertaken projects to monitor the health of the GAB springs since 1995. Data from this program is available from the Queensland spring database.

To support our spring monitoring effort, we are now asking the community to help us compile a time lapse photo library of springs in the Queensland GAB. These photos will help us understand the changing conditions of springs and better assess the factors impacting on their health. This will be an important supplement to the scientific monitoring data.

How to participate in GABSpringNet

Ten springs have been selected for the GABSpringNet pilot program, based on their accessibility, connection to the GAB aquifers and features of interest. You can see the locations on the map below.

Taking photos

At each spring, you will find a photo pole and information sign that gives instructions for taking and submitting photos. Please take photos standing as close to the  information sign as possible, to provide a common point of reference, and set your camera to the highest resolution.

We would like photos of the spring and surroundings, focusing on:

  • landscape - surrounding landscape and the natural spring itself
  • vegetation - native vegetation, weeds, crops
  • geology – stones, rocks, mounds, mineral markings on ground
  • animals - native, wild, farm/stock, pests.
  • any other feature of the spring evident at the time of visit.

You can see examples of spring photos at the bottom of this page.

Submitting your photos

You can upload photos using our online form. You can also post them on social media using the hashtag #GABSpringNet.

Submit your photos

Searching for images

You can search for images on social media using the hashtag #GABSpringNet.

Photo of a Great Artesian Basin spring, March 2011
Photo of the same spring in July 2011 after damage by a wild pig.