Community access to state-owned dams and weirs

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Map of state-owned dams and weirs

Some of the dams and weirs are permanently closed to the public.

For referable dams, links to the emergency action plans are included in the map.

This map indicates which dams are open to the public:

  • the green marker indicates open
  • the red marker indicates closed.

Dams and weirs open to the public

Charles Lloyd Jones Weir

  • Located on the Alice River, 15km south west of Barcaldine
  • GPS -23.6500 145.2166
  • Dry weather access only
  • Picnic area with fire pits, public toilets, recreational fishing
  • Overnight camping permitted
  • Big rig access
  • Water (not suitable for drinking)
  • Mobile reception

Copperfield River Gorge (Kidston) Dam (Closed temporarily due to flooding)

  • Located on the Copperfield River near Kidston, 72km south of Einasleigh
  • GPS -19.0360 144.1233
  • Picnic and camping area,  gravel boat ramp, recreational fishing
  • Public toilets, water (not suitable for drinking)
  • Remote site - all visitors must be fully self-sufficient
  • No mobile reception
  • Four wheel drive access only, nearest fuel 100km

Corella Dam

  • Located on the Corella River 50km west of Cloncurry
  • GPS -20.8372 140.0461
  • Picnic and camping area, gravel boat ramp, recreational fishing
  • Public toilets and picnic shelters at Clem Walton Park 2km away
  • Poor mobile reception
  • This site is subject to periodic closures during flood events – email

East Leichhardt Dam

  • Located on private property on the East Leichhardt River 30km east of Mount Isa
  • GPS -20.7885 139.7920
  • Four wheel drive access only
  • Gravel boat ramp, recreational fishing, camping area
  • No mobile reception

Isis River Barrage

  • Located on the Isis River 25km east of Childers
  • GPS -25.2282 152.4482
  • Day use only, recreational fishing
  • No facilities provided

Jumna Dam

  • Located on the tribute of Jumna Creek 5km south-west of Irvinebank and 20km west of Herberton
  • Recreational fishing
  • Picnic area with shelter, no other facilities

Loudon Dam

  • Located on Gibbs Creek in the heritage town of Irvinebank, 20km west of Herberton
  • GPS -17.4287 145.2010
  • Camping area on the common over the road
  • Public toilets, water (not suitable for drinking), hotel, fuel and limited supplies
  • Former mining dam - no swimming or fishing
  • No mobile reception

Nanango Weir

  • Located on Barker Creek, 7km north-west of Nanango
  • GPS -26.6501 151.9244
  • Day use only, no facilities

Proston Weir

  • Located on the Stuart River, 5km south-west from Proston
  • GPS -26.2005 151.5735
  • Day use only, recreational fishing, no facilities
  • No camping or power boating permitted

Dams and weirs not open to the public

These state-owned government dams and weirs are permanently closed to the public.

  • Barambah Creek Weir (located on Barambah Creek)
  • Cressbrook Creek Weir (located on Cressbrook Creek near Toogoolawah)
  • Crooks Dam (located on Return Creek near Mt Garnet)
  • Glen Niven Dam (located on Four Mile Creek near Stanthorpe)
  • Kariboe Weir (located on Kariboe Creek near Thangool)
  • Left and Right Banks Slimes Dam (located on Crooks Dam near Mt Garnet)
  • Lower Cressbrook Creek Weir (located on Cressbrook Creek near Toogoolawah)
  • Mungungo Weir (located on Monal Creek near Monto)
  • Tipton Weir (located on the Condamine River near Cecil Plains)
  • Wyndham Dam (located on Wyndham Creek near Mt Garnet

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