About the EIS process

Developing an EIS

The department has prepared environmental impact statement (EIS) information guidelines to support the generic terms of reference (TOR) and clarify the types of information and level of detail required in an EIS.

The guidance contains relevant technical material, arranged in subject headings that match the generic TOR.

The guidance topics are companion documents to the generic TOR and should be used by EIS project proponents to anticipate and plan the investigative work needed to successfully prepare an EIS under the Environmental Protection Act (EP Act).

EIS assessment process guideline

The department also prepared a guideline that provides information on the regulatory requirements of the EIS (PDF, 689KB) process and stages involved in the EIS assessment process under the EP Act.

Timing: The proponent has up to two years of receiving the final TOR to prepare the EIS, but this can be extended (by agreement) once and during the initial period.

In this guide:

  1. Types of EIS
  2. Does my project need an EIS?
  3. Terms of reference (TOR)
  4. Developing an EIS
  5. Pre-lodgement service
  6. Applicable fees
  7. Other resources for EIS

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