RSPCA Qld partnership for wildlife care (rescue and rehabilitation)

The department and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Queensland (RSPCA Qld) have entered into partnerships to enhance protected wildlife rescue, care and rehabilitation in Queensland.

These partnerships cover various aspects of the management and regulation of wildlife rescue, care and rehabilitation.

One of these partnerships relates to the care of sick, injured or orphaned animals along with marine animal strikes or strandings. These are handled through the RSPCA Qld 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625) number allowing either direct care or referral for animals in need.

Another partnership has been entered into regarding the development of a web-based database, which captures and securely stores information relating to the rescue, care, rehabilitation and release/euthanasia of sick, injured or orphaned koalas and other Australian native fauna.

Become a RSPCA Qld Wildlife Hero

The RSPCA Qld is currently looking for people to become Wildlife Heroes.

RSPCA Qld Wildlife Heroes help rescue or transport an orphaned, sick or injured animal when rehabilitators are otherwise unable to do so. For example, Wildlife Heroes may be asked to collect animals and transport them to a licensed carer or veterinarian so that animals in distress are not left waiting.

Wildlife Heroes are registered on a statewide database, which is used by RSPCA Qld to search for a wildlife rescuer, hero or carer, by species and suburb.

The Wildlife Heroes program aims to engage carers, veterinarians and others to add depth to the wildlife network in Queensland and improve the efficiency of rescue and care of orphaned, sick and injured wildlife.

Wildlife Heroes don’t have to be licensed wildlife carers or even have specialised knowledge of wildlife. They just need to care about wildlife and be prepared to lend a helping hand every now and then.

To become a Wildlife Hero, register with the RSPCA Qld on (07) 3426 9999 or email or visit the RSPCA Queensland website.