South East Queensland Recreational Wildlife Re-homing Pilot Program

The South East Queensland Recreational Wildlife Re-homing Program is a partnership between the Department of Environment and Science and RSPCA Queensland giving members of the public the opportunity to adopt certain protected native reptiles and birds.

These reptiles and birds can be re-homed when they are classified as ‘non-releasable’ into the wild. There are a number of reasons why wildlife could be ‘non-releasable’ such as:

  • it isn’t known where they came from
  • they were born in captivity
  • they are unable to survive in the wild.

In the past, these animals have only been offered to zoos and wildlife parks for educational activities. However, as these animals are common, and many are already found in captivity, they often were not placed and were required to be euthanised.

Under the South East Queensland Recreational Wildlife Re-homing Program the department releases the animals into the custody of the RSPCA so they can be re-homed with appropriately licensed individuals.

You need to hold a Recreational Wildlife Licence to be eligible to keep native reptiles and birds re-homed through RSPCA.

To apply for any recreational wildlife licence please see recreational wildlife licences or visit Connect, DES’s online licensing system.

To find out about the species of reptiles and birds available for adoption and the costs involved please call the RSPCA directly on 1300 ANIMAL (1300 264 625), or the Wacol Shelter on telephone (07) 3426 9999. Alternatively you can search for wildlife available for adoption on the RSPCA’s Adopt A Pet website.