Native animal keeping licence (post 22 August 2020)

From 22 August 2020, there are three new licences—Standard, Specialised, and Advanced—which allow people to keep, breed or trade protected animals in Queensland.

The following guide provides detailed information on the new native animal licences.

Native animal keeping licence (post 22 August 2020)

In this guide:

  1. Native animal keeping licence options
  2. How to apply
  3. Movement advices between Native animal licences and RWLs/CWLs
  4. Species information
  5. Species licence search
  6. Online reporting requirements
  7. Animal breeding restrictions
  8. Taking native animals from the wild
  9. Keeping dangerous snakes
  10. General animal authorisations for individuals, businesses and entities
  11. Common assessment method changes
  12. Changes to other animal licences and permits

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