What animals don’t need a licence

Exempt species can be kept without a licence and are considered:

  1. easy to keep
  2. abundant in the market, and
  3. do not pose a public safety or conservation risk in the event of an escape.

All invertebrates, except for those listed as protected scorpions (genus Urodacus) and tarantulas (family Theraphosidae), will remain exempt from requiring a licence.

The list of exempt bird species has been expanded from 22 to 68 species and only applies to the captive-bred industry. The exemption does not apply to the take, keep or use of the species in the wild, which will still require an authorisation.

Further information on licences and permits to take protected animals.

There are no exemptions for reptiles and amphibians, as detailed in the Decision Regulatory Impact Statement (PDF, 5.2 MB) .