Threatened species research grants

The Queensland Threatened Species Research Grants provide funding to eligible recipients for research projects to improve understanding of Queensland’s threatened flora and fauna species and to improve their conservation and recovery.

Current rounds

Queensland Threatened Species Research Grants – Round 2.

Closed rounds

Queensland Threatened Species Research Grants – Round 1 guidelines (PDF, 843.2 KB) .

Successful recipients included 11 projects from across Queensland. Total funding of $1,255,610 (excluding GST) was provided in this grant round, an increase from the $500,000 originally allocated.

Successful grant recipients – Round 1
Recipient Project name Amount allocated
Artemis Nature Fund Inc A multi-species approach to threat abatement on a conservation significant property: Maximising opportunities to understand the overlapping ecology and processes threatening sympatric populations of Carpentarian Grasswrens, Gouldian Finches and Purple-necked Rock-wallabies on Chidna Station, North-western Highlands. $149,821.00
Australian Wildlife Conservancy Using innovative technology to conserve priority threatened species on Queensland’s outback cattle stations $145,045.00
Biopixel Oceans Foundation Limited Finding the needle in the haystack: The importance of a newly discovered whale shark aggregation, and implications for conservation $90,000.00
Bush Heritage Australia The Missing Piece: Developing standardised methods for Great Artesian Basin spring-dependent threatened species and communities, for effective adaptive management. $149,294.00
James Cook University Population assessments and ecology of threatened Queensland plants $82,500.00

Save the Bilby Fund Ltd

Monitoring the wild bilby and feral predator populations on pastoral stations in south-west Queensland and at Currawinya National Park $149,660.00
Sharks and Rays Australia Research Ltd Spatial habitat use of freshwater sawfish in Rinyirru National Park $149,240.00
South Endeavour Pty Ltd as trustee for South Endeavour Trust Improving knowledge to assist management - Population size and genetic diversity of Ghost Bat (Macroderma gigas) colonies in the southern Cape York Peninsula region $104,826.00
University of Queensland, School of Veterinary Sciences Saving the endangered Spectacled flying fox from annual tick paralysis mass mortality events:  Investigating the role of adaptive immunity and the development of a Spectacled flying fox-specific paralysis tick vaccine $78,297.00
University of Southern Queensland Investigating the ecology of the New Holland Mouse (Pseudomys novaehollandiae) in south-east Queensland: implications for conservation management $40,257.00
University of the Sunshine Coast Points to populations: using individual spot patterns to track the conservation status of Queensland's grey nurse sharks $116,670.00