Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers - Invitation to partner in investment

Opportunities are now available to sponsor environmental projects in Queensland’s regional and remote Indigenous communities.

The Queensland Indigenous Land and Sea Rangers (ILSR) program is a highly successful initiative that is delivering real conservation and employment outcomes in some of the most environmentally sensitive parts of our state.

It is a unique community ranger program model that funds local community organisations to employ Indigenous rangers. Traditional Owners and local communities have ownership of the work programs for their rangers, who undertake on Country projects including fire and feral animal management, sea turtle and dugong counts, and conservation of rock art sites.

Land and Sea Rangers look after areas of Queensland with iconic natural values including the wetland of Cape York, areas of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park and the Lake Eyre Basin channel country.

Rangers undertake a wide range of activities including weed and feral animal control, fire management, fencing of wetlands, land restoration, erosion mitigation, wildlife management and recovery, community education and visitor management. These activities have multiple benefits, including preventing wildfires, reducing carbon emissions and improving biodiversity.

Resources made available through the program go a long way to helping ensure Traditional Owners have the resources they need to manage land and sea country sustainably and contribute to the conservation of important habitats and ‘at risk’ species.

Governance arrangements for the program are well-established and have a strong and successful track record in delivering accountable grant management and reporting.

Partnership opportunities available

Opportunities are now available to sponsor environment projects in some of Queensland’s remote Indigenous communities.

The Queensland Government and ranger communities are inviting support from the corporate sector to expand the highly successful Indigenous Land and Sea Ranger program. Many on-country projects delivered by rangers, are some of the first of their kind. These projects, in areas such as ghost net removal and recycling, marine turtle protection and Junior Rangers, will continue to attract global media interest.

A range of sponsorship opportunities are available, to meet the size and nature of investor interest. Options can include sponsoring a whole ranger team or individual ranger positions in particular locations through to specific on-ground or community projects to deliver habitat restoration, species protection or community engagement outcomes.

Existing partnerships between corporate sponsors, Indigenous communities and the Department of Environment and Science (DES) are already delivering successful outcomes. DES can assist with matching investment interest with a suitable Indigenous community or to specific outcomes. The department will also provide training and mentoring support for participating Indigenous organisations to manage contractual arrangements and project reporting requirements.

If you would like to take advantage of the sponsorship opportunities outlined in the Partnership prospectus (PDF, 3.53MB) phone (07) 3330 5553 or email