Request a map of Biodiversity Status or Broad Vegetation Group

This request form accepts property details or central coordinates and will email you a map of regional ecosystems or broad vegetation groups in Portable Document Format (PDF).

The maps show the mapping (centered on either the property Lot on Plan or street address or a centroid), the property boundary and roads. They are produced at various scales in A3 landscape format and best printed at this size.

The maps are not statutory. Full descriptions of regional ecosystem vegetation communities and the broad vegetation groups are available online: Regional ecosystem descriptions.

Spatial data is available from Queensland Spatial Catalogue—QSpatial.

Further information regarding your requirements should be directed to the Queensland Herbarium.

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Recommended citation

The Department of Environment and Science (year map was downloaded). Copy of the [insert either: Pre-clearing or Remnant Regional Ecosystem Map - Version 12.2, or Broad Vegetation Group Map - Version 5.2]. Online RE Map, The Department of Environment and Science, Brisbane.

[URL:] Accessed on [date of access].

Technical considerations

The average file size is 300 kilobytes.

If you have any problems using this service, please contact the Queensland Herbarium.