Policies, regulations and reports

Licences and permits

When planning a project or activity that could impact upon the environment, it is important to first determine what kinds of approvals are required.

Environmental impact studies

Environmental impact assessments are used to ensure environmental management is considered as part of the approvals process for all development proposals that require assessment by local government or have the potential to harm the environment.

Compliance and enforcement

To help industry improve its compliance practices we set clear expectations about acceptable standards of environmental performance.

Penalty infringement notices (environment and heritage matters)

The Department of Environment and Science (the department) can issue fines called penalty infringement notices (PINs) for a wide range of offences relating to environmental and heritage matters.

Planning and guidelines

Environment guidelines help administering agencies implement the Environmental Protection Act 1994, its associated regulations and environmental protection policies.

Public performance reports

To quantify the effectiveness of the Regulatory Strategy, we will introduce a suite of performance measures, including timely project assessments and environmental approvals.

State of the environment report

A State of the Environment (SoE) report is to be published at least every four years and aims to provide information that will contribute to improving environmental management and outcomes while balancing the needs of economic development.