How places are named

Naming processes

We administer the place naming process by:

  • considering naming issues
  • providing recommendations to the Minister
  • arranging publication of notices
  • maintaining the gazetteer of place names.

Members of the community can play a part in the naming process by making a naming suggestion. These suggestions can be about new names, changes to names or changes to boundaries.

We will consider the suggestion and may recommend that the Minister develop a proposal.

Not all suggestions will lead to a proposal being developed - the suggestion must deliver some benefit to the community as well as follow place naming guidelines and principles.

When a proposal is developed, it is published to notify the community and invite interested parties to comment on the proposal. All comments are considered by the Minister as part of the decision-making process.

The Minister’s final decision is published on our website.

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  1. What can be named?
  2. Naming processes
  3. Suggesting a place name or boundary change
  4. Naming principles
  5. Defining boundaries and extent
  6. History of Queensland place naming

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