About the Council

Established under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992, the Queensland Heritage Council is required to act independently, impartially and in the public interest to identify and protect places that have special heritage value to the community and future generations.

The Queensland Heritage Council’s most public role is deciding what is entered in and removed from the Queensland Heritage Register.

The Heritage Council also:

  • provide strategic advice to the government about cultural heritage matters
  • provide information to the community to encourage an understanding of Queensland’s cultural heritage
  • encourage appropriate management of places of cultural heritage significance
  • advocate on behalf of owners of heritage places
  • assess applications for development of state-owned heritage places.

The Heritage Council has five key outcomes embedded in the Heritage Strategy for Queensland:

  • Queenslanders to understand and value their heritage
  • Heritage places properly funded, cared for and managed—and their owners supported
  • Heritage embedded in mainstream policy and planning—for example being part of sustainable places
  • Government, community, business and industry to work together to conserve Queensland’s heritage
  • The trade skills and professional knowledge associated with heritage places kept alive.

The Queensland Heritage Council meets at least six times a year.

The Department of Environment and Science provides administrative and secretarial support to the Queensland Heritage Council.

You can contact the Queensland Heritage Council by emailing heritage.council@des.qld.gov.au.