Report an historic underwater wreck or artefact

Queensland’s maritime and underwater heritage is protected and managed under the provisions of state and Commonwealth legislation which provide protection for all shipwrecks and associated artefacts older than 75 years. This protection applies to all wrecks located along Queensland’s open coast, bays, lakes, and inland waterways.

The Queensland Heritage Act 1992 also provides similar protection for all historic aircraft wrecks in Queensland waters.

If you discover a shipwreck or aircraft wreck in Queensland or adjacent waters:

  • report it (even if you are unsure if it has been previously reported) by submitting a Notification of discovery of an in-situ historic shipwreck or relic to the Australian National Shipwreck Database. It is a legal requirement to report a discovery and fines apply for failure to do so.
  • maintain a discrete distance and take images and notes of any features and details.  Underwater wrecks are highly vulnerable and can be easily damaged through direct and indirect contact.
  • do not attempt to expose or retrieve any items or artefacts from the site or enter the wreck.  Large fines can apply. Historic wrecks and associated relics do not belong to the individuals who find them. Written consent is required from us to disturb a wreck in any way or to move or recover artefacts.

If a historic wreck or artefact is being directly threatened by illegal activity, contact Queensland Police.

Entering a protected zone

A protected zone can be declared around any vessel or artefact, regardless of its age. There are 9 protected zones in Queensland that require a permit f for entry. Unauthorised access or interference to a wreck within a protected zone attracts severe penalties.

Declaring possession of artefacts

Artefacts recovered prior to the introduction of laws prohibiting their removal are allowed to remain in the custody of the finders. Regardless of when they were collected, all artefacts must be registered with us. It is illegal to possess an artefact which has not been declared. To declare an artefact, submit a Notification of Possession form to the Australian National Shipwreck database.

If you have a relic and would like transfer ownership or sell it you must obtain a permit by submitting a Permit for Transfer of Possession form. If you purchase a permitted relic or artefact you must notify of the change of custodianship of the artefact by submitting a Notification of Possession form.

Queensland Historic Shipwreck Survey

A survey of Queensland historic shipwrecks is being undertaken to update official records in the Australian National Shipwreck Database. Currently, there is reliable data for less than 12% of the known shipwrecks along the coast.

We are seeking information regarding the location and condition of historic shipwrecks within and off the coast of Queensland. If you have information about known or possible wreck sites please email or contact 13 QGOV (13 74 68) and ask to speak to an archaeologist in the Heritage Branch.

Find out where Queensland’s identified shipwrecks lie: