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Code for accepted development

Scenic amenity

The State Planning Policy (SPP) includes planning and development policies for maintaining scenic amenity on the coast.

The Scenic Preference Rating Assessment Tool (SPRAT) calculates the scenic preference of an area, both pre and post-development. The following links provide information and access to software programs to assist in the determination of a scenic preference rating:

  • Watch a training presentation (see availability) illustrating the steps involved with the assessment process.
  • Determining scenic preference in the coastal zone guideline provides a step by step guide to determining scenic preference in the coastal zone.
  • ImageJ software is a program that enables the user to measure the area of a polygon. ImageJ is free to download, and is available for several platforms.
  • ImageJ instructions (PDF, 75KB) will assist new users to download and navigate the program.
  • This Excel worksheet (XLS, 35KB) provides a template for calculating the scenic preference rating (SPR) of a view as shown in a photograph. The worksheet automatically generates percentages of visual elements once the measured polygon areas have been entered.
  • SPRAT (Scenic Preference Rating Assessment Tool) is the spreadsheet that will produce the SPR number once the user has input percentages of visual elements (using figures generated from the Excel worksheet).

Coastal studies

  • Kirra Beach Restoration Project (see availability). A coastal regeneration project to restore the surf break and stop future sand build-up.
  • Mackay Coast Study report (see availability). This study examined factors affecting coastal processes, including sand movement, erosion and accretion, along Mackay's beaches between Baker's Creek and Shoal Point.
  • Moreton Bay Sand Extraction Study reports (see availability). This study examined the environmental, social and economic impacts of increasing sand extraction from the Bay and explored possible alternative sources of fine sand.
  • Review of Causes of Northern Bribie Island Erosion (PDF, 17.5 MB) . This review examined the causes of beach and dune erosion on northern Bribie Island that resulted in the tidal breakthrough of the island in January 2022.

Coastal dune management technical series

The Coastal Dune Management technical notes provide information on the formation, function, management and vegetation of Queensland's coastal sand dunes. The titles of each are listed below. PDF copies of the archived documents are available by searching for the title in the library catalogue.

  • Series 1: Queensland's Coastal Sand Dunes
  • Series 2: The Formation and Function of Coastal Dunes
  • Series 3: Importance of Dune Vegetation
  • Series 4: Description of Major Dune Plants
  • Series 5: Management Guidelines for Dune Usage

Available from the library catalogue

These documents are available from the department’s online library catalogue.