Searches for historical tidal works approvals

The Department of Environment and Science is the custodian of historical tidal works approvals issued in Queensland prior to 18 November 2005. These approvals can be searched using the Queensland Government’s mapping and data online interactive tool, Queensland Globe.

Queensland’s local governments have been responsible for issuing approvals for prescribed tidal works undertaken since 18 November 2005, and will be able to assist with searches for these approvals.

How do you conduct a search for a historical tidal works approval?

You can use a search tool on Queensland Globe to identify if there is a historical tidal works approval on record. This is a free search, and takes about five minutes.

After opening Queensland Globe and accepting the Terms and Conditions, click on the spanner icon, click on the ‘identify’ icon and check the box next to ‘select first item’. Make sure to leave that box open. Refer to the frequently asked questions for more information.

How do I get copies of approvals?

If the Queensland Globe search identifies a historical tidal works approval and you would like a copy, a request can be made to the department through Searches.

There are fees for requesting a search and for obtaining copies of approvals.

What if I cannot confirm an approval exists on Queensland Globe?

If you can’t confirm an approval exists via Queensland Globe, but believe the tidal works was lawfully approved, you can request a search.

If you aren’t sure when a tidal work was approved, you may also consider contacting the relevant local government.