Remake and review of the Zoning Plan for the Moreton Bay Marine Park

The Department of Environment and Science is remaking the Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2008. The zoning plan is subordinate legislation to the Marine Parks Act 2004 and under the provisions of the Statutory Instruments Act 1992 has an expiry date of 1 September 2019.

There is a two-phase process to remake and subsequently review the zoning plan. This two-phase process balances the maintenance of existing management arrangements while seeking community input on future management directions.

An overview of this process is outlined below:

Phase 1

Zoning plan remake

  • Administrative renewal of current Zoning Plan – this is where we are in the process
    • Public notice
    • Legislative drafting
  • Commencement of remade Zoning Plan – 1 September 2019

Phase 2

Information gathering (stage 1)

  • Gathering updated information on marine park values

Discussion Paper (stage 2)

  • Discussion Paper prepared, released and submissions analysed

Draft Revised Zoning Plan (stage 3)

  • Draft Zoning Plan prepared, released and submissions analysed

Final Revised Zoning Plan (stage 4)

  • Legislative drafting
  • Revised Zoning Plan takes effect

Phase 1 involves the statutory remake and renewal of the Zoning Plan in its current form, without notable amendment, to ensure it does not expire and the conservation and use values of the Moreton Bay Marine Park are not placed at risk. There will be no changes made to zones, designated areas or entry and use requirements. This stage will be completed by 31 August 2019 to ensure the continuation of the existing management arrangements for the marine park while the comprehensive Stage 2 review of the zoning plan is undertaken.

Phase 2 will commence after finalisation of the Great Sandy Marine Park Zoning Plan review. This phase will involve public consultation with the release of a Discussion Paper seeking input on the future directions and management of the marine park, including zoning, designated areas, values and use. Feedback from the Discussion Paper will help determine what amendments are needed in the Zoning Plan to support the long-term conservation and use of the marine park. Any proposed amendments will be subject to further public input.

The end result of the renewal process will be the development of an updated Zoning Plan that is best-placed to support the management of the marine park for a further 10 years based on available science and community input.

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The draft Marine Parks (Moreton Bay) Zoning Plan 2019 (PDF, 928KB) has been prepared for Phase 1. The draft remade Zoning Plan includes minor amendments to clarify some provisions, make corrections as well as any necessary updates to reflect contemporary drafting standards.

The closing date for submissions has now passed. Submissions are being reviewed before finalising the remade Zoning Plan.

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