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Storm tide data and tide predictions for Gold Coast

Lowest Astronomical Tide datum (LAT)

Tide predictions for Gold Coast guage site

Tides in this plot are reduced to Lowest Astronomical Tide datum (LAT)

Note that Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT) datum is the lowest tide level which can be predicted to occur under average meteorological conditions and under any combination of astronomical conditions. Although this level may not be reached every year, it is not the extreme lower-level that can be reached, as storm surges or other meteorological events may cause considerably lower levels to occur.

Australian Height Datum (AHD)

Australian Height Datum for Gold Coast guage site

Note that Australian Height Datum (AHD) is the value adopted by the National Mapping Council of Australia as the datum to which all vertical control for mapping in Australia is to be referred. AHD approximates mean sea level and could be considered as a still water level if there were no tides or meteorological events affecting water levels.

Barometric pressure

Barometric pressure for Gold Coast guage site

Wind direction

Wind direction for Gold Coast guage site

Wind speed

Wind speed for Gold Coast guage site

Air temperature

Air temperature for Gold Coast guage site


Rainfall for Gold Coast guage site


Humidity for Gold Coast guage site

While reasonable care and attention has been exercised in the collection and processing of the weather data it must be treated as unverified.


Location of Gold Coast storm tide monitoring site
Location of Gold Coast storm tide monitoring site in relation to Queensland

Site details

Date of installation
23 January 2015
Current location
Latitude: 27° 56.31' S
Longitude: 153° 25.96' E
Gold Coast Sand Pumping Jetty.
Recording range
6.54 metres above Gauge Zero (GZ)
Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia (CC BY 3.0)
Last updated
16 March 2017
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