Property flooding

Floods can occur almost anywhere in Queensland and can rise over days, or in minutes in a 'flash flood'. Don't enter floodwater—even water 30cm deep could sweep you off your feet.

After heavy rain in your area…

  • Keep informed about weather patterns and weather forecasts and act quickly on any advice
  • Stay away from rivers, creeks and drains
  • Get to higher ground
  • Never try to drive, ride or walk through floodwater.


Check the Bureau of Meteorology for:

When you hear a flood or storm warning:

  • activate your emergency plan
  • stay tuned in to warnings and updates on your radio
  • move vehicles, outdoor equipment, garbage, chemicals and poisons to higher ground
  • sandbag indoor drains to prevent sewage backflow
  • plan which indoor items you will raise or empty if water threatens your home (e.g. fridge and freezer)
  • make sure your emergency kit is fully stocked
  • secure your pets.


If you need to evacuate, follow the evacuation tips in your emergency plan.

If you need to evacuate…

  • Pack warm clothing, essential medications, valuables, personal papers, mobile phone, photos and mementos in waterproof bags to be taken with your emergency kit.
  • Raise furniture, clothing and valuables on to beds, tables and into roof spaces
  • Empty freezers and refrigerators, leaving doors open
  • Turn off power, water and gas
  • Put sandbags in the toilet bowl and over all laundry/bathroom drain holes to prevent sewage back-flow
  • Lock your home and take recommended evacuation routes for your area
  • Don't drive in water of unknown depth and current.

If you stay (or when you return)…

  • Listen to your local radio station for official advice and warnings
  • Don't allow children to play in, or near floodwater
  • Avoid entering floodwater. If you must, wear solid shoes and check the depth and current with a stick
  • Stay away from drains, culverts and water over knee-deep
  • Don't use gas or electrical appliances that have been in floodwater until checked for safety
  • Don't eat food that has been in floodwater
  • Boil tap water until supplies have been declared safe.