Disasters: Know Your Role

Disasters: know your role

Everyone  has a role to play in disasters – especially in preparing ourselves, our family  and community. Do you know your role?

Disasters: Know your Role is a three minute animation and quiz to test your knowledge of the systems in  place and your role before, during and after a disaster.

Volunteering  Qld and Emergency Management Queensland produced this resource as a plain  English guide to the Queensland Disaster Management Arrangements.

Take the  quiz, to find out if you know your role.

Individuals,  businesses, communities and government all play an important role in preparing  for, responding to and recovering from disasters.

The state’s  Disaster Management Arrangements outline the responsibilities each group has.

As Queensland enters the  summer storm season, people should familiarise themselves with their  responsibilities.

People  should not only prepare their homes and businesses for a range of possible  disasters scenarios, but also understand their role before during and after a  disaster.

Find out  how you fit in the big picture….