Training for your staff

Developing your employees' skills through training can improve your business and help it stay competitive.

Other benefits of training include:

  • greater staff retention and commitment
  • a qualified workforce
  • increased productivity
  • improved quality
  • less wastage.

Find information on training options for your employees.

Assess your training needs

It is important to know which areas of your business would benefit from training.

Listen to your employees and consider these questions:

  • Are you on track to achieve your long-term business goals?
  • Are your clients happy with your service?
  • Do you have skills or knowledge gaps?

Recognition of prior learning

Recognition of prior learning enables your employees to have their existing skills and knowledge assessed to reduce the time it takes to gain a formal qualification.

Benefits can include:

  • staff retention—through increased motivation and commitment to the business
  • business growth—through increased productivity and quality assurance.

Find a registered training organisation

Find a training organisation that will meet your business and training needs.

Training costs

Before seeking training, you should develop a training plan and have a budget.

Some costs to consider include:

  • travel and accommodation of employees
  • training organisation fees
  • training materials
  • employee wages
  • temporary substitute employees
  • administrative costs.

Talk to your chosen training organisation to identify costs and to plan the best-value-for-money training for your business.

Funding and incentives

The government provides targeted investment through a number of programs to assist industry and employers train and upskill their current and future workforce, including apprenticeship incentives.

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