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Program for primary school students

Today’s students live and breathe technology—many know more about it and are more comfortable using it than you are.

They can use it to do almost anything they want, anywhere and at any time. And like you, primary school children use technology to chat with friends and family, play games and for learning too.

While technology is great, there are a few things kids need to think about every time they go online.

To help them understand and remember them, we have designed the 5Ps for a positive digital footprint.

5Ps for a positive digital footprint

The program has 5 key messages that cover what is and isn’t okay when working online:

  1. Profiles—use a nickname and profile picture that doesn’t show your face 
  2. Positive—make sure online information about you is as positive as possible
  3. Permission—make sure you have a grown-up’s permission to use a new site or app
  4. Privacy—keep your passwords and personal details secure
  5. Protect—keep evidence and don’t bully back, tell someone.


Download and print these posters to promote discussions about the importance and power of positive online behaviours.


Profiles    Positive

Permission    Privacy


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16 May 2014

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