Resources for primary school students

Today’s students live and breathe technology—they can use it to do almost anything they want, anywhere and at any time. And like you, primary school children use technology to chat with friends and family, play games and for learning too.

While technology is great, there are a few things kids need to think about every time they go online.

To help them understand and remember them, we have designed the Cyber Heroes characters.

The Cyber Heroes

The Cyber Heroes represent what is and isn’t okay when working online:

  1. Anti-Bully Girl – stand up to cyberbullies. Talk to someone you can trust; don’t retaliate or respond; block the bullies; report their abuse; collect the evidence; do something that makes you happy.
  2. Cyber Cop – understand the rules of the online world. Think twice before you share. Only chat with family and friends you know and trust in the real world. Never meet up with people you don’t know and trust in the real world. Report cyberbullying. If you’re uncomfortable or worried, talk to someone you can trust.
  3. Secret Agent – remember kids, keep things private! Think twice before you share. Create strong passwords. Check your privacy settings regularly.
  4. Mr D-Vice – know who you’re chatting and gaming with online. In the real world, we don’t talk to just anyone. So don’t chat with strangers online… Even when you’re gaming.
  5. Web-E – think first, post second. Ask yourself “should I post this?’ and make sure people are ok with you posting their photos. Once they are online, they are there forever.

Online course

‘Your Digitial Journey’ is an online course for primary students in Years 3 to 6. This course is designed as a teacher-led activity, and covers topics such as digital citizenship, digital footprints, protecting personal information, thinking before sharing online, responding to random friend requests, and how to respond to cyberbullying. Access the course via Scootle.

Educational cybersafety animations  

New animations are encouraging students to block, report and support each other if they see or experience bullying online. The animations show common scenarios that occur among primary school students and encourages them to reach out for support if they are being bullied online.

Primary school students can find out how bullying in gaming and sharing mean content can impact others and what actions they can take if they are bullied online. Whether support is from their parents, a teacher, their friends or a support line, it is important young people know they are not alone and there are ways to prevent cyberbullying. Share the videos with your children and start the conversation today – we can all be kind online.


Download and print these posters to promote discussions about the importance and power of positive online behaviours.


Download and print these masks for students to colour-in as a reminder of the messages of the Cyber Heroes.