Parent associations

All schools rely on their community to help with decision making in areas like uniforms and behaviour, and to help with funding and supporting school events and activities.

Most state schools will have a Parents and Citizens' (P&C) Association. Non-state schools will have a Parents and Friends (P&F) Association.

These associations usually help in areas like:

  • running tuckshops, bookshops or uniform shops
  • fundraising activities
  • helping organise school functions (e.g. school fete)
  • out-of-school-hours care.

Get involved

Contact your school if you want to become involved.

Find school contact details in the schools directory or by phoning 13 QGOV (13 74 68).

You can also find information about parent associations on your school's website.

Loans for P&C Associations

P&Cs can apply for loans on behalf of the school to support school projects which benefit students. Before you apply for a loan, make sure you have all relevant documentation about the project, including budget details.

Support for parent organisations

State school P&C Associations

State school P&C Associations are strictly controlled by law and departmental procedure. Visit the department's Parents and Citizens' Associations page to find out more.

In general, P&Cs are considered to be a 'non-profit' organisation by the Australian Taxation Office.

If you need help with Business Activity Statements or have any taxation enquiries, including GST concessions, refer to the Australian Taxation Office website.

P&Cs Qld represents the interests of P&C Associations in Queensland. They work with education authorities and promote closer cooperation between staff and school families. Approximately 1,200 P&C Associations are affiliated with P&Cs Qld.

Non-state school associations

Similar organisations exist for non-state schools. Read more about:

Event bookings

P&C Associations can book the conference centre at Education House, 30 Mary Street, Brisbane, to host meetings and events.

School maintenance projects

P&C Associations wanting to improve their schools by organising maintenance or building of new infrastructure, such as a gymnasium or hall, should be aware of their responsibilities and their options for funding.


P&C Associations should be aware of the school’s responsibility for:


Financial assistance is available for certain cleaning and maintenance projects such as:

P&C Associations may want to discuss these funding opportunities with their school.