Learning support

Early childhood services are encouraged to provide inclusive programs to reflect the community’s diversity and to support specific learning requirements.

Before enrolling your child in an early childhood service you should let your provider know of any special requirements your child has.

Inclusive programs can be provided for children:

  • with a disability or special needs
  • from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds
  • from non-English speaking backgrounds.

Support is also available for families.

Children with disabilities and special needs

The Australian Government’s Inclusion and Professional Support Program and the Queensland Government's Kindergarten Inclusion Support Scheme may provide funding to childcare or kindergarten services to help them provide:

  • specialist equipment and resources
  • training and professional development for teachers
  • extra teacher aide time
  • more educators or carers.

Contact your childcare service for more information about how they support children with disability.

Better Start for Children with Disability initiative

The Better Start initiative supports eligible children with disabilities by providing funding, assistance in rural or remote locations, and Medicare rebates.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

Early childhood programs are available to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families. They include:

Kindergarten in Indigenous communities

Children living in 35 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can take part in a kindergarten program delivered in a range of settings including schools and childcare centres.

Kindergarten is:

  • delivered in schools, kindergartens and early childhood education and care centres - find your local centre
  • supported by Foundations for Success, a practical guideline to extend and enrich learning for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children in the kindergarten year.

Family support and healing

There are support services available for parents and carers of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children including healing groups, child care services and financial support.

Families from non-English speaking backgrounds

Free interpreting support is available for families who do not speak English and want to learn more about kindergarten programs.

Some early childhood providers may offer support and help for children with English as an additional language or dialect.

Contact your provider to find out what services they offer.

Complaints about early childhood services

If you have a complaint about your early childhood service you should talk to them first. Your issue may be resolved immediately.

If you don’t want to do this, or already have, you can make a complaint through the division of Early Childhood Education and Care.

If you feel your child is being discriminated against, contact the:

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