Apprentice and trainee wages and entitlements

Wages and entitlements for apprentices or trainees are managed by the Fair Work Ombudsman and depend on the industrial award or agreement you are employed under.


Wages will depend on factors, which may include:

  • your age
  • whether you are a school student, and if not, the highest level of schooling you've completed
  • how much training you've completed
  • type of apprenticeship or traineeship
  • industry or job
  • award, agreement or contract covering your employment.

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To check your specific wage (including allowances and penalty rates):

Getting paid while training

You must be released from work and paid for time spent participating in training and assessment delivered by your training organisation.

This may not apply to school-based apprentices and trainees.

Learn more about getting paid while training.


As an apprentice or trainee, you must be:

  • paid for work
  • paid for time spent training on the job (supervision and mentoring)
  • released for training with your training organisation, while still being paid.

You will also receive the same entitlements as full-time employees, such as:

You must also receive a pay slip with full details of each pay period within 1 day of your pay day.

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For more information about entitlements, see:

School-based apprentices and trainees

If you are a school-based apprentice or trainee, you'll generally get different wages and entitlements compared to other apprentices and trainees.

You'll work fewer hours and may not be paid for time spent training with your training organisation.

Read more about wages and entitlements for school-based apprentices and trainees.

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