Vehicle modifications

If you have a disability, it may affect your ability to travel in a car. There are a range of modifications that can be made to a car to enable a person with disability to safely drive or travel as a passenger.

Modification types

Vehicle modifications range from minor (e.g. grab bar, swivel seat, postural support or transfer board) to major (e.g. mobility aid hoists, ramps or special steering/braking/accelerator control systems).

To find out more about modifying a vehicle:

  • talk with a driver-trained occupational therapist
  • contact LifeTec on 1300 885 886.

Transport of mobility aids

There are several options to transport collapsible wheelchairs, such as rear-mounted hooks or roof hoists.

Options for transporting a motorised mobility aid (such as a wheelchair or scooter) include ramps, trailers or electrically operated lifters.

The vehicle to be modified will need to be large enough to accommodate the wheelchair or scooter (e.g. a mini van, high-roof station wagon or utility).

It is important to safely secure a mobility aid whenever it is being transported.


Light vehicle modification regulations apply to all modifications.