Outdoor play provides children with the opportunity to explore their environment, have adventures and practice social and physical skills. Playgrounds are a great way for children to get outdoors to play and learn.

All abilities playgrounds

All abilities playgrounds allow children of all ages and abilities to have fun and challenging play with their friends and family.

These playgrounds use natural and built surroundings to encourage different types of play, such as active, exploratory, and social play.

There are 17 all abilities playgrounds in Queensland. Find your closest one.

Local playgrounds

Many local councils are making their playgrounds more accessible to children with disability. To find out if a playground in your area suits your needs, contact your local council.

Wheelchair swings

Many playgrounds throughout Queensland have a wheelchair swing that enables a child in a wheelchair or with a physical impairment to experience the exhilaration of swinging through the air.

Download a list of swing locations including details of where to collect a key to access the swing:

Wheelchair swing keys

Contact your local council or Variety Queensland to order a wheelchair swing access key. The key enables you to access any swing any time Australia wide.

Borrow a wheelchair swing

Variety Queensland has one portable wheelchair swing that is available for temporary use at events or functions. There is no cost to use the swing. Contact Variety Queensland on (07) 3907 9300 for more information.

Variety Liberty Swing Program

The Variety Liberty Swing Program helps to fund the installation of wheelchair swings in existing community playgrounds. If you believe your community would benefit from a Liberty Swing, contact Variety Queensland to discuss funding arrangements and the application process.