“We’re happy together. We’re like brothers. We look after each other.”

This is how Metallica describes his housemate of 7 years.

Metallica was living in a housing co-op apartment. He found living alone gave him freedom but he also felt lonely. He began looking for a housemate and through a work contact’s partner, found out that J was looking for somewhere to live.

“We had a couple of interviews and he came to look at the place. He was still interested so we agreed on a two week trial.”

 Apart from a period of time spent in hospital, Metallica and J. have been housemates ever since.

“We’re both clean people and get on well”.

A few years ago Metallica spent some months in hospital and began to use a wheelchair. He couldn’t return to the housing co-op apartment because it was accessed by a flight of stairs. The Department of Housing found him a wheelchair accessible ground level apartment. At Metallica’s request the Department of Housing agreed for J to move into to the two bedroom apartment as well.

Metallica likes the new apartment because it’s close to a shopping centre, in a quiet street, and he gets on well with his neighbours.

However he does have some concerns about security and wonders if security cameras would be helpful. There are a few maintenance issues such as branches overhanging pathways which get in the way of his wheelchair, and leaves building up on pathways which get very slippery in wet weather.

Overall Metallica likes where he is living and the person he is living with. “We share jokes and only have arguments once in a blue moon. We soon get over it and don’t hold grudges.”

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