Financial support

The Australian Government's Services Australia delivers a range of payments and services supporting people in need, including people with disabilities.

A disability support pension and range of allowances are available, including:

  • carer payments
  • rent assistance
  • telephone allowance
  • utilities allowance
  • mobility allowance
  • education supplements
  • pharmaceutical allowance.

The Department of Veterans' Affairs provides a range of pensions, allowances, supplements and other financial assistance to eligible serving or former defence force members, veterans, their families and carers. Find out about eligibility, income support and online services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


A Health Care Card provides cheaper pharmaceuticals as well as other savings, like bulk billing for doctors' appointments.

You may be eligible for a health care card if you are below age pension age and receive a Centrelink payment including:

Centrelink explains who is eligible for a health care card and the specific benefits that come with it.

Find other concessions, rebates and assistance available to eligible Queenslanders.

The Companion Card—recognised throughout Australia—makes going to events like football games, festivals, concerts and movies more affordable for people with a disability who rely on help from someone else most (or all) of the time.