Water subsidy

Eligible pensioners can receive a subsidy of up to $120 (maximum) each year off the cost of water access and usage charges for properties in the South East Queensland Water Grid.

The subsidy is allowed on only one property at a time and cannot be claimed on any additional properties you may have.


To receive the subsidy, you must hold 1 of the following concession cards:

You must also be:

  • the owner or life tenant* of the property, which is your principal place of residence and located in the South East Queensland Water Grid area.
  • legally responsible for the payment of local council rates and charges levied on that property.

*A life tenancy can only be created by a valid will and is effective only after the death of the property owner, or by a Supreme or Family Court order.

How to apply

Each water retailer has its own application process. Contact your water retailer to apply for a water subsidy.

If you're uncertain who your water retailer is, check your water account for their details. Otherwise check which water retailer covers your area.

Change of address

You must lodge a new application with the water retailer in your area if you change your address.

If you're not sure who to contact, check which water retailer covers your area.