Contact statements and privacy

A contact statement sets out a person's wishes about being contacted or not contacted by another person, or people, to the same adoption. It may state that the person wishes, for example but not limited to:

  • have contact only by telephone
  • have contact with another person only at a neutral place in the presence of a mediator
  • not be contacted at all.

The Adoption Act 2009 recognises an 'objection to contact' that was in place under the Adoption of Children Act 1964. Under the Adoption Act 2009, an objection automatically became a contact statement, expressing a wish not to be contacted, and an offence was committed if contact was made. However, following an amendment to the Adoption Act 2009, a person who makes contact with a party to an adoption against their expressed wishes is no longer committing an offence. Although the provision for contact statements has not been removed from the Adoption Act 2009, the removal of the offence and penalty associated with the breach of the contact statement has been.

If a contact statement is in place, an eligible person who applies to Adoption Services for information relating to the adoption will be notified by Adoption Services of the views and wishes of the person who lodged the contact statement before they are given any identifying information.

We may offer a person seeking identifying information, and/or the person who has a contact statement in place, other information, counselling or support (before or after the information is provided). Support may be provided by Adoption Services, or other services such as Post Adoption Support Queensland (PASQ), Salvation Army, or another qualified person (e.g. psychologist).

Who can lodge a contact statement

An adopted person who is at least 17 years and 6 months old, or a birth parent can lodge a contact statement.

Updating or revoking a statement

A contact statement:

  • will remain in place until it is revoked by the person who lodged it, or until that person dies.
  • can be updated, replaced or revoked by the person who made it at any time.

Contact Adoption Services to request a copy of the contact statement form or revocation of contact statement form.