Reading to your child

There's nothing like the magic of books. Reading to your children from birth is a beautiful way to connect with your little ones. It doesn't matter if you read the same book over and over again, or lots of different books. You'll be helping your child develop a love of stories and reading, which will give them advantanges through their whole life. Reading to kids is great fun, too.

Watch Dr Chris Sarra reading from his great book for kids, Dingoes are not Dogs.

There are a lot of other great resources out there to support you in fostering your child's love of reading.

Indigenous Knowledge Centres

There are Indigenous Knowledge Centres in 22 remote and regional communities across Queensland providing access to books, technology, stories and culture. Read more about Indigenous Knowledge Centres.

Let's Read

The Let's Read website has lots of information for parents and families about reading and books, including reading tips for Indigenous famililes.

Reading and storytelling with babies and children

The Raising Children website has information about why reading is important for babies and children as well as some great resources.

Reading trackers

These fun reading trackers have been created to encourage your child's love of reading. There are 2 reading trackers to download:

The Little Big Book Club

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