Birth certificates

It's important to have a birth certificate. You'll need one if you want to:

  • get a drivers licence
  • get a passport.

You might also need one if you want to:

  • open a bank account
  • get Centrelink benefits
  • enrol in school
  • get a tax file number
  • join a sporting team
  • get Medicare benefits.

How to get a birth certificate

If you have just had a new baby

You need to apply to the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages for a birth certificate. If you need to register the birth of a new child, you can do this online and organise a birth certificate at the same time.

Getting a birth certificate after the birth has been registered

It can be hard to get a birth certificate after a birth is registered. This is because you need to have a passport or a drivers licence, and you might not have those documents either. But we can help you during a community visit.

Community visits

Each year we visit regional communities throughout Queensland to help people register their child’s birth and apply for a birth certificate. No visits are currently scheduled but check back soon for information about upcoming visits.

What to bring

The more identification you bring, the easier it will be to register and get a birth certificate. If you have any of these things, bring them along:

  • driver licence
  • medicare card
  • Centrelink health benefits card
  • bank or key card
  • letters from Centrelink or other government departments.