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The Queensland Housing Summit Outcomes Report sets out a comprehensive program of action to be undertaken to deliver on the ideas and opportunities canvassed at the Summit and address the housing needs of Queenslanders.

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A Housing Roundtable held on 28 March 2023 provided an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss progress on housing outcomes and priorities since the October 2022 Queensland Housing Summit.

Read the Premier’s Factsheet – March 2023 Housing Roundtable (PDF, 426 KB) .

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The October 2022 Queensland Housing Summit provided an opportunity to explore ways to work together to address challenges and meet the housing needs of Queenslanders.

Expert leaders discussed interventions required to support improved housing outcomes for Queenslanders.

Queensland Housing Strategy

Explore the action plans and strategies in place to deliver fair and accessible housing. The Queensland Housing Strategy aims to make sure everyone has access to safe, secure, and affordable housing across the state.

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Discover housing options tailored to suit your needs. Whether it’s in the private rental market, home ownership, or in social housing, the Housing Services Finder can show you what help you may be eligible for.

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Get help finding and applying for a place to rent. RentConnect provides practical assistance if you’re struggling to find and secure a home in the rental market, including free access to tenant reference templates.

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