The Australian Honours System

The Australian Honours System recognises  outstanding achievement and contribution by Australians in a range of fields,  including:

  • service to the  community
  • education
  • business
  • sport
  • arts
  • acts of bravery
  • notable service in  the emergency services and the public service.

Award categories

The awards system comprises 4 medals:

  • Order of Australia  (recognising outstanding service by an individual, this is the highest award)
  • Australian Bravery  Decorations
  • National Medal
  • Long Service  awards.

How to apply

To nominate someone:

  • phone—1800 552 275  or +61 2 6283 3604
  • download a  nomination form from the It's an Honour website.

State funerals

State funerals are arranged  and funded by the Government to honour prominent people for their outstanding  achievement and distinguished service to the community.

Traditionally, they were held  to honour certain high-ranking public officials; however, it is possible to  honour other prominent Queenslanders—this is the Premier’s decision.

The deceased person’s family  or next-of-kin must accept the offer of a State funeral if it is to happen, or  they can choose to hold a private funeral instead.

More information about state funerals and other protocols.