Queensland Youth Engagement Panel

The Queensland Youth Engagement Panel (QYEP) will provide young Queenslanders with opportunities to influence and inform decisions that affect their lives.

A key element of the Queensland Youth Strategy is ensuring young people can have their say in shaping relevant government policies, programs and projects. It also sets the vision and priorities for government in improving outcomes for young Queenslanders.

The QYEP is one of our many actions to ensure we hear from young Queenslanders. The panel will:

  • provide input into the development of the Queensland Youth Engagement Charter
  • inform government on the best ways to engage with young people
  • share their ideas and views on government policies, programs and projects
  • design and deliver a youth project related to a Queensland Youth Strategy priority
  • have a role in shaping Queensland Youth Week.

The panel will be departmentally chaired. The Minister for Youth will attend meetings subject to her availability.

The panel will meet 3 times a year face-to-face or via Skype with some out-of-session work.

Members will not be remunerated, though reasonable out-of-pocket expenses for travel will be reimbursed.

All members will be expected to participate fully in discussions and attend meetings as scheduled.

Members will be expected to connect with their networks and peers to gather ideas on agreed topics.


The panel will comprise young people from across Queensland aged 16 to 25.

Members will have experience representing their peers and/or advocating on issues, and will have a network of young people they can link with to test ideas and gather information to support their participation in the panel.

The membership will reflect the diversity of young people living in Queensland.

Membership will be for a 2 year term.


QYEP members must be:

  • be between the ages of 16 and 25 years (inclusive)
  • have parental consent to nominate if under 18
  • reside in Queensland.

How nominations will be assessed

Nominations closed at midnight on 15 October 2018.

Nominations will be assessed by a selection panel and recommendations provided to the Minister for Youth for endorsement.


For further information regarding the QYEP role or nomination process please email