Help with PrepL account set up and authentication

Setting up an account

PrepL login screen
PrepL login screen

image of captcha
Image of captcha

When the login screen appears, click the ‘sign up’ link to create a new account.

Enter your email address, choose a password and complete the captcha.

You will receive an email with a confirmation code. Leave the login screen open, open your email in a separate window, and enter the confirmation code from your email into the login screen.

Confirmation code expiry

If you do not enter your confirmation code within 24 hours, it will expire. If your code has expired, you will need to commence the enrolment process again. Enter your email address and password.

Error messages

If you receive an error message whilst trying to sign up or use your account, please call us on 13 23 80. Please take a note of the error message so we can resolve your issue as quickly as possible.

Use a unique email address

Everyone has to have their own email address. If you enter a shared email address that another person has provided to us, you won't be able to create an account.

Changing your password

If you need to change your password, you can do so by clicking the 'forgot password' link on the login screen.

Changing your email address

Image of login screen email changes

If you need to change your login email address, click the change email link from the login screen. You will need to enter your existing email and password before entering your new email address. Please note that a confirmation code will be sent to your new email address. Your email will not be updated until you enter the confirmation code.

Multiple email addresses

Existing customers may already have an email address recorded in our system. All notifications from TMR will be sent to the email address we have recorded in our system. If this email address is different from the one you use to sign up for your PrepL account, you will be prompted to update the email address we have recorded.

Setting up an account by phone or in person

You can enrol and pay for PrepL at a transport and motoring customer service centre but for security reasons, we can't sign up on your behalf.

If you enrol in PrepL at a transport and motoring customer service centre, you will still need to sign up for an account online so you can log in and use the program. You will not be able to enrol or sign up by telephone.

Anything else?

If you still require assistance, please call us on 13 23 80.