Medical review changes for drivers over 75

Senior Queenslanders are being supported to stay at home with the Queensland Government changing its medical certificate requirements for drivers 75 and over.

Two changes have been made and will be in place from 10 April 2020:

  • Medical certificates to drive that expired after 29 January 2020 will be considered valid until 6 months after the COVID-19 emergency period ends.
  • During the COVID-19 emergency period, drivers aged 75 or over wont be committing an offence if they are driving without holding a valid medical certificate.

Drivers who are 75 years or older and have an 'M' condition on their driver licence will need to call us on 13 23 80 or email to have their current medical certificate extended.

The changes to medical certificate requirements will help reduce the chance of exposure for some of our more vulnerable community members.

If you have a condition that worsens, or if you develop a new permanent or long-term condition that is likely to affect your ability to drive safely, you must notify us immediately and you must not drive until you are reassessed by a doctor and have a new medical certificate issued.

If you are unwell, or have health concerns, you are still encouraged contact your GP or health professional.

Everyone in the community is encouraged to relay this information to older friends and relatives to help ease their concerns.

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