About notices to mariners

Maritime Safety Queensland circulates marine safety information to mariners, organisations and other interested parties as Notices to Mariners.

Notices to Mariners are updated overnight for:

Queensland Notices to Mariners are now in line with the Australian Hydrographic Service in regards to the type of notice being reported.

A Notice to Mariner is issued for the purpose of providing permanent navigation information—generally this information will result in a chart correction.

A notice may be marked as Temporary (T) if the information will remain valid only for a limited time.

Advice notices will cover short term navigation advice and may include information on fireworks displays, aquatic events or similar.

The Australian Hydrographic Office of the Royal Australian Navy is the Commonwealth authority responsible for national chart production known as AUS Charts and the circulation of Australian Notices to Mariners that are distributed nationally and internationally. Information contained in the Queensland notices is regularly reproduced in the Australian Notices. These notices are recognised as being an authoritative, accurate guide on marine charts.